BCQ arquitectura barcelona works to make cities more human, sustainable and efficient. The studio also aims to allow the natural environment to change in the most sensible and intelligent way.  To achieve these objectives, BCQ creates architectural and urban projects that combine sensitivity and intelligence with the environment and aims for excellence in the financial organization of real-estate initiatives.  The final goal of creating projects is to make them real. For this reason, BCQ considers the quality of their construction techniques, materials and buildings to be of utmost importance.

BCQ arquitectura Barcelona is a studio created in 1991 that develops architectural, landscape and urban projects in all its scales and dimensions and as a result of the combination of aspects such as the quality of design, functionality and technical feasibility in creative design. Nowadays, with 30 years of experience, architect David Baena leads the studio with the associated architects Manel Peribáñez, Maria Taltavull and Jordi Sánchez, bringing together a solid team of professionals and collaborators in all disciplines.

In 2015 BCQ has won the First prize Ciutat de Barcelona and the First prize Catalunya Construcció awards for the work St.Gervasi-Joan Maragall Library, and in 2013 the First prize MIPIM Best Industrial & Logistics Development for the Wastewater Treatment Plant in North Maresme, Barcelona.

From the beginning, BCQ members have combined their experience in design and construction projects with teaching at some of the major architecture schools in Catalonia and abroad such as, the Faculty of Architecture in Alghero (Sardinia, Italy) and Symposium- Workshop ‘Beyond Sustainable Architecture and Smart City: Re-Humanization of Urban Space’ at Keiyo University in Tokyo (Japan).

BCQ environmental policy is based on the following objectives and principles:
– Inform its customers and partners the benefits of Eco-Design.
– Offer its customers the adoption of contemporary and sustainable materials and construction systems.
– Encourage the adoption of eco-efficient measures regarding energy consumption expenditure in buildings.
– Reduce pollution by analyzing the environmental aspects of the life cycle of the building or urban development.
– Meet and go beyond current legislation on environmental matters required in the building and urbanization.
– Reduce pollution by encouraging the firm’s environmental policy from recycling and reuse.

The projects of BCQ arquitectura barcelona have been widely published and presented at lecture venues both nationally and internationally. In 2008 BCQ published the monograph Reflejos · Reflections, and their more recent works have been issued in the monography TC CUADERNOS nº 105 BCQ BAENA CASAMOR in 2012. Library of Light (2014) is the last publication of the studio about the St Gervasi-Joan Maragall LIbrary in Barcelona.

David Baena | CEO, founding partner
Architect graduDB_02ated from UPC ETSAV in 1989, co-founder of BCQ in 1995. Professor of Construction at the Catalonia International University School of Architecture (ESARQ-UIC) since 1999, he has also been invited to give lectures and participate as guest professor in main Catalonia Schools of Architecture and abroad such as the South Anahuac University in Mexico City and the Facoltà di Architettura di Alghero, Università degli Studi di Sassari in Sardinia (Italy). David Baena is currently co-Director of the Technical Area and Member of Faculty Council at the ESARQ-UIC in Barcelona.

Manel Peribáñez | Partner
Manel_2017 fondo blanco1Architect graduated from Catalonia International University School of Architecture (ESARQ-UIC, 2002) and internal Auditor of Integrated Management Systems for Quality, Environment and Ecodesign (Qualineo, 2010). Founding partner of the digital graphic arts ARTNEV Group, he is also author of the DOCOMOP blog, specialized in architectural construction details. Collaborator architect in BCQ since 2002, he became associated partner in 2006 working as Architecture department Leader. Manel Peribáñez has been visiting professor at the EPSEB-UPC, and since January 2016 he is Professor of Construction at the ESARQ-UIC in Barcelona.

Maria Taltavull | Partner
Archimaria_cv fondo blanco1tect specialized in restoration graduated from Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB-UPC) (2004). Maria Taltavull started her collaboration in BCQ in 2002, and in 2008 she became associated partner. Currently she is Architecture department leader. During 2006-2007 she was associate professor of architectural projects at the Facoltà di Architettura di Alghero, Università degli Studi di Sassari (Sardinia, Italy).

Jordi Sánchez | Partner
Architect graduated from the Vallès School of Architecture, UPC-Barcelona in 2008. After a year of collaboration in Estudio 05AM Arquitectes he started collaborating in BCQ in 2008. In 2015 Jordi Sanchez combined his experience at BCQ studio with the work as architect at the Barcelona City Council Technical services department. In 2020 he became associated partner in 2020.

Manuel Romero | Architecture
Architect from the Vallès School of Architecture, UPC-Barcelona Tech (2010). In 2011 he participates in the Yuzz Entrepreneurship Program (Banesto) for the development of the business model of Clima Arquitectes cooperative. From 2013 he has combined his work as an independent architect collaborating with the Catalonia Architect’s Chamber Barcelona as Coordinator in the  International Service  and Communication Departments until 2017, joining BCQ as a Project Head architect. From 2014-2015 he worked as an architect for Atelier Barda in Montreal, Canada.

Lorenzo De Nicola | Architecture and BIM
Foto LorenzoArchitect graduated from Florence School of Architecture, UNIFI (Italy) in 2016. Master graduated in BIM Manager in MSI Academy (Barcelona) in 2020, and Revit Certified Professional. After an experience en Pieters Bouwtechniek Amsterdam, and collaborations with architecture studios in Italy, he joined BCQ in 2017 as an Architect and BIM Specialist.

Mika Iitomi | Landscape architecture and city planning
Mika FONDO BLANCOLandscaping Master graduated from the University of Pennsylvania (EEUU) in 2002.
After several collaborations in international landscape and architecture studios, Mika Iitomi joined BCQ  in 2003 as landscape architect, where she is at present project leader.

Núria Sisternas | Administration
Nuria fondo blanco1

Leticia Baena | Communication
Leticia fondo blanco1

David Baena, Carles Casamor, Toni Casamor and Josep Mª Quera set up BCQ in 1991. Between 1993 and 2020 Carles Casamor, Josep Mª Quera and Toni Casamor left the company subsequently. Manel Peribáñez in 2007, Maria Taltavull in 2008 and Jordi Sánchez in 2020 joined as partners.