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With 20 years of professional experience, David Baena and Toni Casamor developed the projects of architecture, landscape architecture and urban design at all scales and dimensions in the atelier BCQ arquitectura barcelona as a result of the combination of aspects such as design quality, functionality and technical feasibility in creative design.

Whether it involves an urban scale project, an intervention in landscape or a building construction, they seek the best possible answer to improve their built, landscape and social environment from and towards sustainability.

In 2006 Manel Peribáñez and Maria Taltavull joined as partners. Since then they have combined their design works and construction projects with education at the main architectural schools both in Catalonia and abroad, such as the School of Architecture in Zurich (ETH) and the Faculty of Architecture in Alghero, Sardinia.

The projects of BCQ arquitectura barcelona have been widely published and presented at the conferences both nationally and internationally. In 2008 BCQ published the monograph Reflections | Reflections and the recent works were published in the special issue of TC CUADERNOS nº 105 BCQ BAENA CASAMOR in 2012.


Founding partners.
David Baena | Toni Casamor

Manel Peribáñez | Maria Taltavull

Jordi Sánchez | Vasco Mourão

Landscape architecture and city planning.
Mika Iitomi | Joan Curtó

Administration and communication.
Núria Sisternas | Leticia Baena